LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


I couldn’t help it. I’ve been suckered in to getting another LEGO game.

One thing that can be said for LEGO The Force Awakens is the visuals. I never thought a Lego game could look so good. I’ve been playing the PC version and the graphics are jaw dropping, well, as much as they can be for a Lego game. The audio is great too! The cast includes Tom Kane reprising his role as Admiral Ackbar from other Star Wars games, Carrie Fisher and even Harrison Ford.

It would have been nice to see the series return to its roots with mute characters, but at least the game does the voices right.

It’s much more cinematic than previous Lego games as well. The camera angle will now often change to shift the focus of the action.


The bulk of the gameplay is the same as its always been, simple puzzle and combat mechanics. Like most new titles in the series, in The Force Awakens you are able to attack enemies using one button and perform finisher moves on them with another. This adds a small amount of variety (in that you press a different button). Jokes aside, it does give the characters some extra moves.

There are also some pretty cool shooter segments. These are fun, but why on earth is the left stick used for aiming instead of the right?! In addition, there are some fun but kind of floaty spaceship battles.


The story surprisingly good! It isn’t just a retread of the film, it has flashbacks to the original trilogy and we find out how Poe rescues Akbar.

As always, the collectables are strong with this one and that’s where the challenge of the game comes from.

The real problem with Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens is the glitches. The game is so broken I was not even able to finish it. The main offender is on the last level and it makes it impossible to progress. I saw at least one other person online having this problem:

Unfortunately, due to this, Lego The Force Awakens is impossible to recommend. These issues will likely be fixed in a future patch but the game should never have been released in this state. Shame really, this would otherwise have been a solid entry in to the Lego series.

Reviewed by Tom Martin

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review