Batman/TMNT #6 Review


Don’t cry that it’s over, smile that it happened. You probably don’t need to be told that since this series has had more than enough humour and likability to keep you smiling for its entire six issue run. Now though, it has come to an end. Did James Tynion IV sendoff Batman and The Turtles with a bang?

The overwhelming success of this run has always been due to its keen understanding of both Batman and The Turtles fan bases. There may well be a good deal of crossover between the two but they still both expect something very different from each set of characters and it must have been challenging to attempt to please everyone at once. Somehow Tynion and co. managed to do just that in every one of these issues and this finale was no different as the long awaited fight sequences perfectly represent both universe’s heroes and rogues.

For Batman there is that familiar sense of control and emotional detachment as he launches headlong into a war with the veritable army of species swapped villains held up in Arkham. He and Damian provide all of the bone crunching action that one could want or expect from this comic as they take down The Joker, who is now a snake, or Mr. Freeze, who is amusingly a Polar Bear. The villains themselves fight in their typically frenzied fashion as, like sharks smelling blood, they circle the caped father son duo.

As for The Turtles, they are written to be as plucky and noble as ever. Despite the fast fading Mutagen in their systems they still stay in Gotham to fight alongside their new friend. Something that Tynion does very well is highlight the learning curve that the four must go through as they fight with the new enemies. It is something that puts one in the mind of some of the earlier Turtles comics and TV shows as they prove themselves to be highly adaptable, reflecting the immense training that Master Splinter put them through. It is something that really shows the fantastic grasp that Tynion has on these characters and it does a wonderful job of increasing fan confidence ahead of his takeover of the Batman franchise.

Another facet of Batman/TMNT that has endeared fans is the sense of humour that is woven throughout every issue. Never is it more apparent than in issue #6 as, with the stress of their situation relieved, The Turtles and Batman can engage in a wittier back and forth than has been glimpsed previously. Alongside this you also have the serious note shown through the mutual respect so clearly held between these men/reptiles that makes for genuinely touching moment of emotional honesty that is quite the rarity for a character such as Batman but something that works so well for him when done as well as it was here.

Not to play the spoilers, Freddie E. Williams and Jeremy Colwell treated fans to yet more wonderful art work. For the entirety of the series their character depictions have been beautifully detailed and are a massive part of the success of this crossover, here though you also got a look at their fluid representations of the extensive fighting on offer. The best way to describe the colours is to call them wildly vibrant as they bring such life and illumination where appropriate though they are also not afraid to tone things down to a decidedly more Batman inspired shadowy sprawl when it is called for. Essentially, these two men have fused two disparate worlds together to make something quite gorgeous that fits both perfectly.

It is indeed sad to see the back of this series but everyone can be thankful that it happened. The hope will be that Tynion sees fit to revisit this bizarre but brilliant world down the line as it is hard to think of a better comic of this kind.

Score: 9.0/10.

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Batman/TMNT #6 Review

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