Old Man Logan #6 Review


‘Old Man logan’ has consistently been the brightest book on the Marvel landscape alongside the spectacular ‘Doctor Strange’. Jeff Lemire has proven himself something of a revolutionary with the way that he has written the troubled character and as such Wolverine if more interesting now than he has been in the last decade or so. All that being said it is far from uncommon for a comic to lose steam in its second arc, so could this one buck that trend?

Last month fans were offered a subdued adventure filled with wistful wanderings rather than blood soaked violence and that was actually a very refreshing way for Logan to be presented. Despite how good the beginning of ‘Bordertown’ was everyone knew that the series couldn’t stick to the action light format for a second straight issue and so issue #6 saw Lemire up the pace. In order to achieve this return to violent form he brought in the cyborg group known as The Reavers to hunt down and kill Logan along with everyone else in the frozen little town.

What’s worth noting is that, despite the switch back to an action heavy style, Logan still retains his thoughtful quality from the last instalment. There is a beautifully detailed scene where he strolls through the town in search of a missing dog and remarks on the hardiness of the inhabitants. To see this man who, just a few issues ago, was lost and without a home suddenly feel like he belongs in a place was powerful indeed. Of course, any intelligent reader would take that as a huge warning signal that death and suffering was about to fall on the town.

Despite the cartoony nature of The Reavers they still made for a formidable foe in the confines of this story. This is a weakened, aged Logan that fans are now following and so a pack of homicidal, enhanced beings creates a real sense of dread as you know that they now have a far better chance of taking out Logan that they would have had they been facing his younger self. Add to that the presence of a young Maureen and you have yourself a recipe for some delicious tension topped off with a garnish of uncertainty.

As is always the case Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo turned in some exquisite work in colouring and inks. These two should be considered the premiere art team of the time as they provide audiences with stunning books again and again. To say what makes them so great would be to retread tired ground so let these frames speak volumes instead.

When compared to the first four issues, this one feels as though it was slightly more lacking in terms of progression but it was nonetheless a superb entry into the series. Lemire is currently the head writer on three excellent books, the other two being Moon Knight and Extraordinary X-Men, so it is astounding that he has managed to keep this one as near perfect as it is.

Score: 8.5/10.

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Old Man Logan #6 Review

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