Daredevil S2 Ep7 Review: ‘Semper Fidelis’


Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Something that has been put a little on the back burner so far in season two has been the legal side of Daredevil’s life. You’ve seen plenty of him going toe to toe with a bevy of villains and the odd anti-hero but that can only go so far. Last season the legal goings on at Nelson and Murdoch were one of the main things that set this apart from a show like Arrow, so it was with open arms that viewers welcomed that side back in ‘Semper Fidelis’.

Once more the most entertaining portion of this episode had to do with the continuing legal proceedings against Frank Castle. They have now reached the trial stage and his put upon legal team have been left scratching their heads as they try to help their client avoid being shipped off the general population, where he would certainly be killed by one of the gangs he waged war against. What this all means is that the majority of the show consisted of legal drama both in and out of the court room. There has been some of this to sink your teeth into in the previous episodes but not to such a large extent as here.

Despite his far reduced screen time, Punisher still steals the show as Jon Bernthal continues to portray the psychotic, yet honourable vigilante to absolute perfection. It is hard to imagine another man playing him at this point simply because Jon has been such a standout throughout every second of TV time he has been given. One very telling moment sees Castle shoot down a potential PTSD plea that could have been his saving grace on the grounds that it would be disrespectful to the veterans actually suffering from the disorder. In that one act you get a much clearer image of what kind of man he is. He is a proud, oddly noble individual and he is not looking for an easy way out. He is no coward.

There are major developments in this episode that must be appreciated as they haven’t been entirely forthcoming previously. One of the most notable of these came when DA Reyes was blindsided by the Medical Examiner admitting to falsifying the reports on Castle’s family. It sheds more light on the highly engrossing conspiracy angle and takes viewers one step closer to seeing the whole thing be blown wide open. The new found evidence may well have been thrown out of court (more on that in a second) but it marked a potentially turning point for the previously lagging defense team and was a shot in the arm for an equally lagging plotline.

Now, back to the evidence being rejected by the judge, can you guess who was responsible for that little annoyance? Yep, it was Elektra. The perennial pain in your collective arses this season reared her head once more for the sole purpose of distracting Daredevil. Okay so she actually popped up in order to take on the Yakuza, but let’s not quibble over semantics. Those clashes with the heavily armed Japanese gangsters showed her to be impetuous and in desperate need of a little help in her mission. Twice was she stabbed in a grand battle scene and if it hadn’t been for Matt she would likely have died. So how does she repay Matt? She scares the ME into admitting to his lies. The problem with this being that evidence obtained under duress is not admissible in court so it was thrown straight out and stricken from the record.

That all led to another development that has seemingly been a long time coming. As Matt’s night life intersected with his day life it caused problems for the trial and led to Foggy calling him out on it. Much more than that in fact, their friendship could be teetering in the balance as Foggy is quite rightly outraged that Matt let Elektra interfere in their case in such a huge way. The rift between them should continue to grow and it will undoubtedly make for some excellent viewing.

Once more Daredevil has delivered a fresh and thoroughly enjoyable episode full of twists and turns. Elektra isn’t getting any less irritating but she is largely offset but the superb cast surrounding her. As this series continues on there is a lot to be excited about, not least the thought of The Hand arriving on the scene.

Score: 8.5/10.

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Daredevil S2 Ep7 Review: ‘Semper Fidelis’

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