The Infinity Entity #1 Review


Adam Warlock. You would be forgiven for not knowing that name, it is not one that should be familiar to any casual fan of the Marvel Universe. Nonetheless, he is an extremely powerful being made even more so in this book. This new comic gives you your chance to get a little taste for him along with Jim Starlin’s one of a kind cosmic storytelling. What more could you want?

Whilst this does work as a standalone four-part mini-series it is also something of a follow up to ‘Thanos: The Infinity Revelation’ that Starlin also penned. Just like he did in that series, Starlin indulges his wildly creative streak on this title and makes a vivid comic that is sadly lacking in a story of any substance.

The Infinity Entity shows a confused Warlock at the beginning of time. In fact, one of the very first things readers see is him being vaporised by The Big Bang, which he comments on with a cold aloofness that carries on throughout the issue. What comes next would make even Madcap jealous as he heals himself, even mentioning that having a corporeal form is not entirely necessary but that it does make cognitive functions just that bit easier. This entire prolonged scene is captured in stunning detail by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, and Jordan Boyd. They use deep purples to create the effect of the exploding and expanding universe which are reminiscent of Starlin’s own work in the past. It is clear that they have worked hard to remain true to the series creator’s vision.


From there Warlock finds himself drawn to Earth in search of heroes. He cannot quite put his finger on it but he feels that this is what he must do and where he must go. In a delightfully retro scene he encounters the original Avengers who are drawn in their original fashion, though with more modern and thus less faded colourings. The encounter between Warlock and The Avengers makes for a fun, if slightly pointless, one and it perfectly showcases his immense power as he wields Thor’s hammer, throws around Hulk, Short-circuits Iron-Man’s suit, launches a giant Ant Man, and traps Wasp in an energy bubble. If ever there has been a more decisive beating of this super team you’d be hard pressed to find it.

Despite the sheer amount of fun on display, this is not a perfect comic by any means. Throughout the book, Warlock has an internal monologue captioning everything that occurs around him. Starlin tries to make this as detached as possible as Warlock floats outside of society, skirting the edges of reality, but it just ends up being stunted and forced. Along with this you have the fact that there is almost no storyline progression whatsoever. All that is know right now is that Warlock is back and he has powers well beyond what he should be capable of, which seems to surprise him just as much as everyone else. It might be forgivable for an opening issue to be light on details if it wasn’t for the fact that this is to be four-part series with a new one releasing every week. Something bigger needed to happen to kick off such a short run.

So the story was very thin on the ground but the same can’t be said for the work of the aforementioned art team. They create a beautifully rendered comic that is evocative of many past creators who have worked on the characters within these pages. They do not sacrifice the integrity of any of these creations whilst also adding in their own little flares here and there to really make the book their own.

With the Avengers showdown and other notable big names popping up, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, it may be safe to say that this comic is aiming to be little more than some light, fun fan service. In this case that’s okay because it really is enjoyable and worth checking out if you’re at all interested in abandoning a compelling story for an action packed narrative.

Score: 6.5

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The Infinity Entity #1 Review

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