Old Man Logan #3 Review

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Wolverine is dead, long live Wolverine. Marvel undoubtedly brought Old Man Logan into being just as a means of having Wolverine without reviving the one they killed off a little while ago. Despite this cynical origin the grizzled man out of time has gone on to become every bit as enjoyable as his beloved predecessor. Now he finds himself thrown back in time and fighting to stop the dystopia he came from from coming into being. Could he get any closer to that goal in this issue?

The end of last month’s installment saw the titular anti-hero beaten, bloodied, and broken after a bone shattering encounter with Amadeus Cho, AKA the new Hulk. He sought refuge with the one friend he knew he could rely on, Hawkeye, only to find that Clint Barton was not home but his female counterpart was.

Following directly on from those events, this issue opens with Logan in poor shape trying to make sense of there being a female Hawkeye. With the way Lemire has gone with all previous encounters between Logan and other characters it would not have been surprising to see the two clash immediately. Instead of going down that route Lemire opted to have the pair strike an uneasy, and very begrudging, alliance. This was a strong way to go as to have Logan fight everyone he came into contact with would have gotten dull in a hurry, there needs to be some more meaningful character development and this is the right way to go about it.

Previously these books have been full of action but have also carried some very heavy, emotional undercurrents as well. In this one the action took a backseat for the most part as a more important theme was hit upon, that being the discrepancies between Logan’s future and the timeline he came back to. When faced with these problems in the past, Logan has been able to brush them off and rest on the crutch of being an old man and so not able to remember every little detail but here he finds out that Thor is now a woman and that, as Hawkeye correctly states, is kind of a big one.

Fans have been wanting to see this area be explored at some point soon and will no doubt be pleased to see Logan slowly come to the realisation that his future may not be set in stone any longer. It will be a long journey as this is not a character who lets things go in a hurry and, after the brutal murder of his family, he is hell bent on revenge. Still, expect the first arc to conclude with him facing reality and then withdraw from it as he realises his entire raison d’être has disappeared.

For those of you wanting to see some more of Logan getting the claws out and busting some heads, fear not for Lemire doesn’t disappoint you either. You will be aware of the list that he is working through that bears four names that must be killed in order to stop the future from coming to be, well this time it’s Mysterio’s turn to face a little preemptive justice. At least that’s Logan’s plan. He doesn’t quite get his hands on him yet but he does get to wail on some thugs and clash with Hawkeye. He is still moral enough not to hurt her though, he may be a vengeful killing machine but he hasn’t switched to the dark side.

The ending, which you’ll have to read the comic to discover, sets up for a potentially series stealing issue next month. Even if it isn’t that amazing there should be no doubt that Lemire will still deliver in a big way as will the artist of this series, Andrea Sorrentino.

Sorrentino has been on top form every step of the way on this title and this book is no exception. There are a couple of one and two page spreads that are nothing short of beautiful. To see excellent writing blend with incredible art work is a pleasure and it makes for one of the most complete titles you are going to read.

This issue used its pages in an intelligent manner by exploring all of the facets of the series’ premise and in doing so continued the standard of excellence that has already been set. Sure, the lack of action and exploration of Logan’s past means it isn’t quite as good as last month’s offering but it is still leaps and bounds ahead of much of the competition. Hopefully you’re already a reader but if you’re not you should get out there and buy this book.

Score: 4.5 out of 5.

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Old Man Logan #3 Review

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