Lucha Underground S2 Ep5 Review


With the obligatory cut scene out of the way the night of Lucha action got off to a great start with an eerie video package showing Pentagon Jr speaking to his Master. Since the first episode fans have been asking whether or not they would be seeing the return of Vampiro to the screen as, at the moment, he is just Ian Hodgkinson and not indulging in his darker side. This segment seemed to hint that that darkness is only a scratch beneath the surface which should lead to some very cool moments in the future.

Jack Evans vs. PJ Black.

This was another case of questionable booking as neither man was in a position to comfortably take a loss. Evans defeated Drago the previous week and cut a scintillating heel promo that made his presence felt for the first time since he debuted in the company. Black had only had one match in the company and he, quite bafflingly, lost it so to lose a second match would risk doing serious harm to his standing in the fans eyes. Still, this was sure to be entertaining despite those glaring problems.

Entertaining it was. Before the bell even sounded, Evans took the microphone and cockily introduced himself as the ‘Dragon Slayer’ which referenced his win over Drago previously. Once the match got going, Black started out with some of the most impactful strikes of the night and knocked Evans silly early on. In fact, Black looked like the better man throughout the contest as he outwrestled Evans and showcased what has made him such a popular competitor on the Indy circuit. Evans proved to be no slouch though as he fired back with some tremendous acrobatics including a breathtaking Springboard Windmill Kick.

Ultimately this match would not be decided through either man being superior to the other as Drago interfered and accidentally sprayed some green mist into the eyes of Black instead of the intended target of Evans. That allowed Evans to win with yet another backslide.

It is a shame that PJ Black lost yet again but he does now seem to be entrenched in this feud with Drago and Evans so things may well be looking up for him yet.

Winner: Jack Evans.

Killshot vs. King Cuerno.

Last season these two men engaged in a small feud with one another ad it produced some very enjoyable television. They never really stole the show but it was definitely something worth revisiting. Thankfully, the tensions that existed between them then had not dissipated when this match came about and it made for a very hard hitting contest.

It was obvious from the outset that Cuerno would win. He had to, he was on track to challenge Mil Muertes down the line and had been a highly featured performer for a long while now. Killshot on the other hand can claim no such accolades.

Despite the inevitability of the match, Killshot still managed to look strong as he laid into Cuerno with heavy strikes, mostly consisting of stinging kicks. He also reversed an attempted Tombstone Piledriver into a variant of a lungblower which was a sight to behold. It was never going to be a happy ending for him though as Cuerno hit the Thrill of the Hunt and took home the victory.

Killshot was subject to a further beating afterwards too but Fenix made the save which nicely furthered the intense rivalry between Cuerno and Fenix.

Winner: King Cuerno.

Gauntlet Match- Texano vs. The Crew and Chavo Guerrero.

This match came as something of a surprise as typically LU only has three matches per show and with the main event already set this made for four matches overall. So, a surprise it may have been but was it a good one?

Eh, it was okay. Nobody expects a classic bout from a gauntlet match. Its only real purpose is to further a feud and make the heels look cowardly by using their numbers to their advantage whilst making the face look strong as he valiantly fights through a horde of enemies. This match didn’t deviate from that at all.

Mr. Cisco entered first, ate a Superkick and was pinned with ease. You might feel sorry for the guy if he wasn’t such a poor worker. Cortez Castro entered next and shockingly he actually got in a large amount of offense before being defeated via a Sitout Powerbomb. Castro is a guy who could be doing more than he currently is in LU but being saddled with The Crew is keeping him from reaching his fully potential. Still, it was nice to see him look like a credible threat to the much bigger star of Texano.

Finally, Chavo got into the ring to square off with his rival. As any fan would have expected he blindsided Texano and pressed the advantage afforded to him by his lackeys. In the end he scored a tainted win via interference from The Crew. It was a run of the mill outing and nothing any of these men will look back on with anything other than indifference, just as the fans will too.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero and The Crew.

After all that action it was finally time for a few video segments. The first saw Dario Cueto and Black Lotus standing outside their new temple as the cries of the victims inside filtered out. Dario told Lotus the tale of his abusive mother and how, when he stood up to her, she came at him with a hot iron. He said he would have been killed that day if it weren’t for his brother, Motunza, grabbing a red bull statue and caving her head in. He now carries that statue around with him as a keepsake. Delightful.

The second video was equally dark in tone as Pentagon Jr confronted Catrina in a disused ring somewhere in the arena. He demanded a rematch with Prince Puma and somehow the two ended up fighting. Pentagon got the upper hand for a moment before Catrina used those old mystical powers of hers and teleported half way across the ring. It was an odd segment but the message was clear, Pentagon is coming for Puma and you do not mess with Catrina.


Cage vs. Johnny Mundo.

Finally, it was main event time and after weeks of being on the back foot against his much stronger foe, Mundo needed to pick a win desperately to retain any credibility in this feud.

The match itself was fantastic. Mundo switched up his style to be far more aggressive than usual as he punched, kicked, and elbowed Cage to try to cut the massive man mountain down to size. He also ultilised his impressive agility and acrobatic ability to out maneuver Cage. One particularly impressive move was a Step Up Tornado Plancha that brought the fans to their feet.

Cage went for the more tried and tested route as he powered his way through Mundo with big clubbing blows and impactful attacks such as his Sitout Albama Slam and Hiptoss Backbreaker. The big man looked untouchable as times but never long enough for Mundo to feel ineffective as the opponent.

Of course, the match would not end cleanly as newcomer Taya came to ringside and provided Mundo with a steel pipe just it looked like Cage would win via his Weapon X finisher. He clobbered Cage with the weapon and picked up his first victory over the muscle bound machine.

No doubt both Mundo and Taya will come to regret their win and subsequent attack on Cage. Fans should be looking forward to the next time these three share TV time as they have been highly entertaining so far.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

This episode provided fans with yet another hour of entertaining wrestling action. It was not perfect, as some booking decisions will have left people scratching their heads, but it was a much better rounded show than any of the other big companies are offering at the moment and that should see to it that the popularity of Lucha Underground only continues to climb.

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Lucha Underground S2 Ep5 Review

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