Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 Review


Everyone loves a good bromance. Be it JD and Turk, Batman and Robin, or Edge and Christian. That is why the pairing of Deadpool and Spider-Man was so tantilising from the start. They kicked the series off on a good note with issue one but could the odd couple keep it together for a second go around?

Joe Kelly set out the titular heroes’ relationship in rather simple terms with the first installment. Deadpool was shown to practically idolise Spidey. He had made it his mission to befriend the iconic web slinger and prove himself to be a worthy hero just as Spider-Man is. Spider-Man found himself at the complete opposite end of the spectrum as he saw ‘Pool as nothing more than an annoyance that he wished to have nothing to do with.

Kelly may have been a tad heavy handed in defining the character roles in the last book but he showed the importance of that in this one. It allowed for a large amount of relationship progression to happen before the reader’s eyes as the two men find themselves on a path to an unlikely alliance.

Even in the early stages of this book you will see Parker and Morales, both donning their Spider-Suits, bullying Wade in quite an unsavory fashion. They don’t see him as an equal to them and, more than that, they seem to believe him to be some kind of villain still, dismissing the idea of him turning over a new leaf.

Deadpool doesn’t let this cut him too deeply though as he uses his cunning and smarts to save the day, solving a mystery that neither Spider was capable of figuring out. Sure he also stole Parker’s Spider-Mobile but hey, you can give the guy one indiscretion, right?

It is through these heroics that he proves himself, at least in part, to Spidey and that sets them on the right course to solidifying their new found friendship. Of course, to simply have them continue to work together against mutual enemies would not make for that compelling of a series and so Kelly has added in another delicious little element… Deadpool wants to kill Peter Parker.

In his defense he is probably being manipulated and definitely doesn’t know that Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. Still though, it racks up the tension as ‘Pool plots to expose and kill the man he cosying up to. Spidey remains unaware of the potentially hazardous situation sneaking up on him but it can only be a matter of time until the two men butt heads once more. Therein lays the key to the success of this series, it is not going to become a classic by portraying a delightful friendship but it could get there if there’s a showdown for the ages.

The first book has some issues when it came to the drawing of Spidey and the colouring work on a few of the environments. The issues with colouring still linger but they are as minute as they were in the last issue so still don’t have much of a negative impact. Spider-Man looks a lot better as it appears that Ed McGuinness and Mark Morales are becoming more comfortable in their roles on this title. The rest of the book still looks gorgeous and fans are treated to one particularly effective panel where Deadpool turns deadly serious and lightening cracks behind him, the tone achieved is much darker that the rest of the typically vibrant book and it serves to set the scene wonderfully.

A second issue needs to take what worked in the first one and build upon it whilst cutting what didn’t work. Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 did both of these things and what resulted was an even more enjoyable book than the first. It still isn’t totally perfect but a few minor flaws are not going to hold this fantastic story back.

Score: 4.8 out of 5.

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Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 Review

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