Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #2 Review


In a continuation of the storyline set forth in ‘The Lost Army’ this series started off last month with the Lanterns still stranded in a dying universe and confronted by some slightly confusing giants. Is this title teetering on the edge of oblivion?

The story follows on immediately from the last issue, as will so often be the case. You join the bloated cast of Green Lanterns as they discover that their friend, a fish and also a Corps member, has been killed and set about discovering who is responsible for the murder. That could easily have taken the entire book which would have been disappointing in such a short series. Thankfully the answers flowed pretty quickly and from there they could set about getting revenge. Or at least they could have had some confusing events not transpired.

It turns out the villain of the piece is some poorly developed Skeletor looking thing dwelling at the centre of the planet. For whatever reason this being has decided to kill the Lanterns and sabotage the planet’s engines. Yes, the planet has engines, don’t know why but it does. Anyway this all leads to the heroes trying to restore the engines to working order whilst fighting off the villain’s small army.

That melee leads to a couple of Lanterns dying but with how bloated the cast is and how little each has been explored, it hardly feels like it matters when one or two are dispatched. This is a big knock on the writing of Tom Taylor as he has failed to make most of these characters mean anything to the reader at all. When the stakes are so high such as in this book there needs to be a compelling set of protagonists to go along with it otherwise it is just a waste of a premise.

It’s not all necessarily bad though as the action is fast paced and entertaining. You never feel as though things are dragging on or that the narrative is becoming bogged down in little details. Due to this the title is perfect for a slightly younger audience of, say, 8-14 years old but it does not have the required complexity to interest anyone much older than that. It certainly isn’t one for adults, that much has become clear.


If you want a vibrant book and don’t care all that much for writing quality, then this could be the title for you as Ethan Van Sciver creates bold, bright set pieces designed to draw the eye in for the duration of the book. It feels like this applies to so many titles these days but the art is pretty much the only thing that makes this book worthwhile. That’s a sorry state of affairs to be in but hey, at least the DC Rebirth is coming so most of these series’ will be replaced entirely.

It is difficult to recommend this book after a poor second issue because the overwhelming likelihood is that it will keep going in this direction for the next four installments. The best thing to do is save your money and just hope that things improve when DC revamp once again this summer.

Score: 2 out of 5.

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Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #2 Review

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