Lucha Underground S2 Ep2 Review


Lucha Underground returned with a bang last week and it delivered in a big way. This week it was the turn of a different set of Luchadores to do battle, could they repeat the success of the previous episode?

The show started out similarly to the last one with a recap of the relevant events from Ultima Lucha. There’s not much to say about the video other than that it set up the events that followed fairly well for any new viewers.

Following on from this there was another video package that showed Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr backstage talking about their upcoming handicap match with The Disciples of Death as well as potentially challenging Mil Muertes. Well, technically it only showed Pentagon talking as Puma does not speak. Regardless, it led to an oddly choreographed fight between the two. These exchanges have become commonplace in this Grindhouse style promotion but they haven’t gotten any less bizarre. Wrestling is obviously highly choreographed but the action still flows at a natural pace and, when done correctly, doesn’t look overly forced. These backstage skits are the complete opposite of that in ring action in that they are very clearly overacted and horrendously fake looking. Despite that fact the video still did a decent job of hyping their match up.

Before the handicap battle could happen there were two other matches that needed to take place, the first of which featured two very exciting LU favourites.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot.

Mundo was arguably the most over guy in the promotion when it first aired over a year ago. He brought some big name recognition with him and put on some of the finest performances of his career against the likes of Alberto El Patron, Prince Puma, and surprisingly Big Ryck. He seemed like the sure fire favourite to win the LU Championship when it was first introduced but ended up losing out to Puma. Since that point he has floundered a little bit and struggled to find his feet, although a heel turn at the end of the last season did wonders for his trajectory.

Killshot had a very different time in season one. He didn’t come into the promotion until a lot later in the game than Mundo and when he did it was as a part of a very short lived tandem consisting of him, The Mack, and Big Ryck. With the fairly small amount of screen time he was afforded he set himself apart from many of the other luchadores with his unexpectedly exciting offence. He uses his height to unleash some impressive kicks but also takes to the air with ease.

With all this being know you may expect a showdown between these two talents to be an outstanding contest. You’d be wrong. It was serviceable and by no means a poor match but there was nothing all that special about it either. Killshot did get in a beautiful moonsault over the top rope to the outside but that was the only particularly memorable moment. Mundo won through a combination of the worst ref bump in a long while and a not very impactful End of the World.

The more entertaining moments came after the match when the gargantuan Cage returned to The Temple and seemingly turned face immediately. Since he was one of the top heels last time this does seem a tad unusual but there’s no denying the fans were into it in a big way. He challenged Muertes for the title and got in some smack talk about Mundo before offering to fight him on the spot. Mundo backed away only to return and cheap shot him shortly afterwards. Cage still got the advantage and sent Mundo scurrying away again.

Winner: Johnny Mundo (Although it’s Cage that looked like a star after this).

Following on from this there were yet more video packages. The first saw the continuation of the storyline that sees Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez holding Sexy Star captive. This story will likely pick up when both performers return to the ring but for the moment it is suitably creepy and definitely very different to anything you’re likely to see in one of the bigger companies.

The second video was the more exciting of the two, despite being a little silly, as it hyped up the debut of PJ Black. In the clip he was shown having another one of those strangely pieced together fights with two masked bikers. Nobody really cares what he was doing though, all that matters is that The Darewolf is in Lucha Underground. Even better, his first match was next.

The Mack vs. PJ Black.

This match had so much potential to be excellent. PJ is a proven competitor with a history of putting on fantastic contests on the Indies. Mack is a big dude who can move like a cruiserweight and is incredibly impressive to watch in the ring. For whatever reason though this just didn’t come together all that well.

The action was stunted and poorly paced, neither man seemed to find their rhythm and, even with an electric crowd, it just fell a little flat.

On top of this something a little odd happened, PJ lost. Now LU tends to go with shocking results over ones that make more traditional sense at least once an episode but to have an incoming big name guy lose to someone who hasn’t been pushed consistently in his whole run is just weird booking. Even if the finish hadn’t been a botched Catching Cutter it would have still been off putting to see Black lose for no discernable reason. You have to give new talent a little momentum to work with if you plan on using them in a meaningful capacity and this is not the way to do that.

All that being said, The Mack does deserve a push so let’s at least hope that he gets one after this win. Let it not be in vain.

Winner: The Mack.

To keep with the theme of debuting stars the next thing to run was a promotional video for a new female Luchador named Kobra Moon. It’s not a great name but she did come off as a somewhat believable threat in the footage so here’s hoping she goes on to be an asset to the company.

The Disciples of Death vs. Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr.

Following on from last week’s climatic moments which saw Puma and Pentagon both attack Muertes, the two men found themselves facing his disciples in a handicap contest.

Usually handicap matches aren’t all that entertaining but this one was actually quite enjoyable. The dynamic between Pentagon and Puma was interesting as they showed that they blatantly had no trust for one another and repeatedly let their egos get in the way of winning the match. On the other hand, The Disciples worked particularly well together in a way that they haven’t done before in their relatively short time spent as a trio. It will be exciting to see them defend their Trio’s Championships a little later on from now.

The action featured several pulse raising moments such as a Springboard Shooting Star Press by Puma onto the outside as well as a Somersault Plancha by Pentagon just before it. It was the mismatched pair who delivered all of these moments but Muertes’ goons also got in some less impressive but equally important offence as they kept the pair grounded for a good portion of the match.

In the end it was Pentagon who scored the pin following a 630 Splash by Puma. After the contest the two bickered before coming to blows. Pentagon got the advantage and went to break Puma’s arm just as he has done to many others including Mil Muertes. Puma got out of the hold however and sent Pentagon running from the ring.

The growing feud between this matches victors and Mil Muertes is a promising one and it should build up nicely over the next few weeks before culminating in a huge title match up.

Winner: Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma.

This episode was not anywhere near as spectacular as the first one was but it still retained much of the charm that Lucha Underground fans have come to love. There were hints at what is soon to come and it has to be said that it is an exciting time to be a Lucha fan especially with the reveal of Rey Mysterio in one last video to end the show.


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Lucha Underground S2 Ep2 Review

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