Lucifer #3 Review


God is dead. That’s not some Dawkins-esque statement designed to comment on the decline of religion in the modern age. No, instead it is the simple yet highly effective premise of this series. With such an impactful start, could the team maintain things for a third issue?

Just as it was last month, this comic is split into two separate narratives that deal with very different characters. Each continues a plot point previously started in the last Lucifer and they both do so excellently.

The main plot deals, as you may expect, with Lucifer and Gabriel as they continue their realm spanning search to find God’s killer. At the end of the last book they found themselves on a path to The Dreaming, a mysterious land where you cannot trust your own perception of reality. This installment sees them complete that journey and start to make their way through The Dreaming in order to gain more answers.

In previous issues the success of the godly side to this story can be attributed in no small part to the repartee between Lucifer and Gabriel. That is not to be found this time around but it is replaced with something much richer and more captivating. Readers are treated to the story of the creation of the God Azazel. The tale may, at first, seem to be quite divergent to the main mission but Holly Black brings it around in such a way that it adds tremendously to the central narrative.

As a standalone the creation of Azazel would have made for some of the most compelling reading on offer from this month’s titles but as it was weaved into the already spellbinding story of Lucifer it became something even more important. Black proved her ability to craft a complex yarn with just this half of this issue, though there was still much more on offer here.

The supplementary story in the last issue told of an underappreciated woman who found a jar of demons. Those demons quickly corrupted her which lead to a double homicide and that is where the story ended. Until this issue that is.

At first it looked like that plot would not be continued this time as the story instead centred on a young girl who had been adopted by a new family. What seemed like a nice, normal set up quickly became much more sinister as it was made clear that the girl was the victim of abuse from the fundamentalist Christians ‘caring’ for her. She was locked under the stairs, beaten, and stopped from contacting her brother. What this story achieves so well is to allow the reader a break from the supernatural surrealness and become immersed in an altogether more human tragedy.

Black creates a situation in which your heart strings are genuinely tugged upon and it also begs the question of whether these followers of ‘God’ are truly good. You want to see these hateful people, wearing masks of civility, meet their comeuppance and for the little girl to be freed and vindicated by some measure.

That’s what makes it oddly cathartic when the murderous woman from last month appears and kills one of the other children in the family. It is undeniably a horrific scene but it is also true that you won’t feel massively sorry for the child or his family in the wake of the slaying. The often abused girl manages to save the sister from meeting a similar fate and ends up in possession of the jar of demons after the killer commits suicide.

The question you are left asking yourself is this; will she open the jar? And if she does then will it fix things for her or make everything so much worse? You’d be smart to guess the latter.

Lee Garbett continues to handle the art along with colourist Antonio Fabela. From top to bottom their work is a treat for the eyes and it serves to enhance the story through its unapologetically adult nature. Unlike in more teen targeted books the work here does not shy away from brutality and nudity, in fact it rather relishes in it. That’s not to say that it does any of this without purpose, it is only ever to further the script in a meaningful manner, but it is still so refreshing to see an adult comic that is truly adult in nature. On top of this the pair excel as simple characterisation and panel creation too. Each being, be they human or something more, looks distinctive and is unlikely to flee your mind anytime too soon. Similarly, the individual panels, particularly in the dream realm, are given a misty quality to them that threatens to float from the page.


It should come as no surprise that this was yet another incredible book as this team has proven themselves to be beyond reproach in their efforts on Lucifer. Things look set to only get better from here on out and you do not want to miss a single second of it.

Score: 5 out of 5.

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Lucifer #3 Review

Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 Review


Everyone loves a good bromance. Be it JD and Turk, Batman and Robin, or Edge and Christian. That is why the pairing of Deadpool and Spider-Man was so tantilising from the start. They kicked the series off on a good note with issue one but could the odd couple keep it together for a second go around?

Joe Kelly set out the titular heroes’ relationship in rather simple terms with the first installment. Deadpool was shown to practically idolise Spidey. He had made it his mission to befriend the iconic web slinger and prove himself to be a worthy hero just as Spider-Man is. Spider-Man found himself at the complete opposite end of the spectrum as he saw ‘Pool as nothing more than an annoyance that he wished to have nothing to do with.

Kelly may have been a tad heavy handed in defining the character roles in the last book but he showed the importance of that in this one. It allowed for a large amount of relationship progression to happen before the reader’s eyes as the two men find themselves on a path to an unlikely alliance.

Even in the early stages of this book you will see Parker and Morales, both donning their Spider-Suits, bullying Wade in quite an unsavory fashion. They don’t see him as an equal to them and, more than that, they seem to believe him to be some kind of villain still, dismissing the idea of him turning over a new leaf.

Deadpool doesn’t let this cut him too deeply though as he uses his cunning and smarts to save the day, solving a mystery that neither Spider was capable of figuring out. Sure he also stole Parker’s Spider-Mobile but hey, you can give the guy one indiscretion, right?

It is through these heroics that he proves himself, at least in part, to Spidey and that sets them on the right course to solidifying their new found friendship. Of course, to simply have them continue to work together against mutual enemies would not make for that compelling of a series and so Kelly has added in another delicious little element… Deadpool wants to kill Peter Parker.

In his defense he is probably being manipulated and definitely doesn’t know that Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. Still though, it racks up the tension as ‘Pool plots to expose and kill the man he cosying up to. Spidey remains unaware of the potentially hazardous situation sneaking up on him but it can only be a matter of time until the two men butt heads once more. Therein lays the key to the success of this series, it is not going to become a classic by portraying a delightful friendship but it could get there if there’s a showdown for the ages.

The first book has some issues when it came to the drawing of Spidey and the colouring work on a few of the environments. The issues with colouring still linger but they are as minute as they were in the last issue so still don’t have much of a negative impact. Spider-Man looks a lot better as it appears that Ed McGuinness and Mark Morales are becoming more comfortable in their roles on this title. The rest of the book still looks gorgeous and fans are treated to one particularly effective panel where Deadpool turns deadly serious and lightening cracks behind him, the tone achieved is much darker that the rest of the typically vibrant book and it serves to set the scene wonderfully.

A second issue needs to take what worked in the first one and build upon it whilst cutting what didn’t work. Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 did both of these things and what resulted was an even more enjoyable book than the first. It still isn’t totally perfect but a few minor flaws are not going to hold this fantastic story back.

Score: 4.8 out of 5.

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Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 Review

Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #2 Review


In a continuation of the storyline set forth in ‘The Lost Army’ this series started off last month with the Lanterns still stranded in a dying universe and confronted by some slightly confusing giants. Is this title teetering on the edge of oblivion?

The story follows on immediately from the last issue, as will so often be the case. You join the bloated cast of Green Lanterns as they discover that their friend, a fish and also a Corps member, has been killed and set about discovering who is responsible for the murder. That could easily have taken the entire book which would have been disappointing in such a short series. Thankfully the answers flowed pretty quickly and from there they could set about getting revenge. Or at least they could have had some confusing events not transpired.

It turns out the villain of the piece is some poorly developed Skeletor looking thing dwelling at the centre of the planet. For whatever reason this being has decided to kill the Lanterns and sabotage the planet’s engines. Yes, the planet has engines, don’t know why but it does. Anyway this all leads to the heroes trying to restore the engines to working order whilst fighting off the villain’s small army.

That melee leads to a couple of Lanterns dying but with how bloated the cast is and how little each has been explored, it hardly feels like it matters when one or two are dispatched. This is a big knock on the writing of Tom Taylor as he has failed to make most of these characters mean anything to the reader at all. When the stakes are so high such as in this book there needs to be a compelling set of protagonists to go along with it otherwise it is just a waste of a premise.

It’s not all necessarily bad though as the action is fast paced and entertaining. You never feel as though things are dragging on or that the narrative is becoming bogged down in little details. Due to this the title is perfect for a slightly younger audience of, say, 8-14 years old but it does not have the required complexity to interest anyone much older than that. It certainly isn’t one for adults, that much has become clear.


If you want a vibrant book and don’t care all that much for writing quality, then this could be the title for you as Ethan Van Sciver creates bold, bright set pieces designed to draw the eye in for the duration of the book. It feels like this applies to so many titles these days but the art is pretty much the only thing that makes this book worthwhile. That’s a sorry state of affairs to be in but hey, at least the DC Rebirth is coming so most of these series’ will be replaced entirely.

It is difficult to recommend this book after a poor second issue because the overwhelming likelihood is that it will keep going in this direction for the next four installments. The best thing to do is save your money and just hope that things improve when DC revamp once again this summer.

Score: 2 out of 5.

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Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #2 Review

Totally Awesome Hulk #3 Review


This series started off on a high in December and then dipped ever so slightly with the second issue in January. Would this be a continuation of that downward trend or a return to good form for Totally Awesome Hulk?

At the climax of issue two the world shattering villain, Fin Fang Foom, made his presence felt and looked set to do battle with the new Hulk and the shady Lady Hellbender. Such a battle would surely make for a great comic, no?


Due to the lighter tone of the book you would have been foolish to expect too destructive of a showdown between these big green titans but it would not have been too much to expect something a little more impactful that this.

Foom is a character that is best suited to battles on an epic scale. He is not the sort of creature that can be dispatched in a few short scenes and nor should he ever be portrayed in such a way but, for whatever reason, that is exactly as he appears here. He looks amazingly weak for a beast of such immense power and it does no favours to any part of this book.

With regards to Hulk, he doesn’t look stronger by having defeated a weak foe and nor is he going to be ingratiated to the fans with such a showing. The whole hook of this book was that Lady Hellbender was looking to capture the most fearsome creature on Earth and that was Foom. If, then, Foom is this weak what does it say about the rest of the super humans and monsters of the planet? Especially Hulk?

The problem seems to be that Greg Pak is focusing more on the fantastical nature of each monthly story than he is the implications of the action held within. He neglects to explore the deeper motivations of Amadeus Cho and instead settles for looking lightly at his more superficial characteristics. The issue with that is how unestablished a character this new Hulk is. With such a drastic switch as trading out Banner for Cho there is sure to be some fan backlash and to combat that you simply must give them a character that is impossible to reject, you cannot do that if they are so poorly developed.

Yes, this is only the third issue but most find their footing by this point and start to settle into a proper story but that still isn’t happening with this title. It is a shame too because the impetuous, witty, and slightly out of control Amadeus could make for a very interesting lead indeed if just given the proper attention.

Thankfully there is one element of this title that hasn’t taken a dive in quality and that is the continuing series of flashback sequences that tell the story of what happened to Bruce Banner. This month further explored those final moments before, presumably, disaster struck and it linked Amadeus into the story in a fitting way that makes his transition into The Hulk more understandable. This should continue for the foreseeable future and will tell a riveting story as it does.

To be completely fair to Pak the developments at the end of this book do leave some hope for the next issue to be more exciting and once again explore the unhinged side of Amadeus that was glimpsed in the first two issues.

Moving beyond the story you will find that the art, provided by the talented duo of Frank Cho and Sonia Oback, is at as high a level as ever. It would be easy to ramble on about the beauty of their work but this extract tells a greater story than words ever could.


If it were down to the art alone then Fin Fang Foom would have been just right. What a shame the shortsighted writing couldn’t keep up.

In the end this a very vibrant book that lacks any real punch. It is still one worth keeping up with for now but these early missteps do cause some concern for the future of this book, especially with how cancellation happy the two main companies are these days.

Score: 2.5 out of 5.

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Totally Awesome Hulk #3 Review

Batman #49 Review


As the ‘Superheavy’ story arc draws towards its conclusion Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV take an issue to deal with the heartbreaking return of Batman. The anticipation for this moment has been unbelievably high but was anyone prepared for this?

It’s unlikely that there is a single comic book fan out there who doesn’t associate Snyder and Tynion with the word ‘quality’. They are two of the finest writers in this medium that you are ever going to see. Snyder in particular has delivered consistently amazing works for years now. His current run on this title has been flawless and his work on ‘American Vampire’ and ‘Wytches’ was heralded as some of the finest comic writing of this generation. So then it should come as no surprise that the pair delivered such a brilliant gut punch with their reintroduction of The Caped Crusader.

It would have been so easy for the pair to cave to pressure early on in Jim Gordon’s run as Batman and bring back Bruce Wayne earlier than intended. Thankfully they stuck to their guns and delivered a story that fans didn’t even know they needed.

This saga stripped the character of Bruce of all the horrors and burdens of his former life, leaving him free to carve out his own path free from his mission. What came from that was a man who showed that, even without all that he had been through, he was willing to give up everything for what was right. Since the events of ‘Endgame’ he has been selflessly helping the community and finding love without breaking one bone in the process. Ultimately though, he had to pay the price of the man he once was and it was a heavy price indeed.

This issue’s success hinged largely on the dynamic between Alfred and the new Bruce Wayne. Alfred, ever the faithful friend, was faced with the most difficult decision of his life as he had to choose between the happy, normal man who stood before him and the tormented hero that Gotham needed. To choose one would be to kill the other.

That emotional resonance is not lost of the audience as Snyder and Tynion grab you by the heart early on with Alfred pleading for his master to turn back and live the life he has forged for himself, a life not weighed down by villains and misery. He knows what it means to be Batman and it is not what he wants for his closest and most loved friend.

For his part, Bruce is essentially taking a leap of faith. He doesn’t know what lies beyond that Batman shaped veil, not truly, but he does know that he is the only one who can stop Mr. Bloom and save Gotham in its hour of need. He knows doing so will mean his life, his love, will be gone but he also knows that it is a sacrifice he has to make to keep them safe.

As Bruce subjects himself to the machine that should restore his brain to its pre-reset state readers are treated to a vivid couple of pages showing all of the Batmen that might have been if the cloning program were to work. It is a strange sequence full of out there gadgets and unorthodox Batmen but it is one that fits with the scene. Bruce’s brain is being pushed near to its breaking point so it makes perfect sense for these few pages to be presented in the style of nonsensical fever dream.

The pain is shown clearly in Alfred throughout this entire comic by a combination of Snyder and Tynion’s sincere, emotional, and touching verbiage as well as Yanick Paquette’s beautifully detailed drawings. The agony etched onto the poor old man’s face is as mesmerising as it is believable.

Despite the pleas of his oldest friend, Bruce gives up everything in order to return to his past life. No man can share a mind with Batman and so the happier Bruce Wayne is pushed out, killed in order to restore Gotham’s greatest hero.

It is a truly sad ending as the emotion that once lay clear across the face of Bruce is nowhere to be found, instead replaced by the heavy eyed droop of a man worn weary by the weight of his own existence.

In the end Batman lives once more. It just took the death of Bruce Wayne to bring him back. That is the power of Snyder and Co. and it is why their run of this title will forever be remembered as one of the greatest in comic history. It is with great sorrow that readers recently learnt of their plan to leave the book after issue #51, but rather than mourn the loss of the team let’s instead enjoy the last two pieces of art that they bring us.

Score: 5 out of 5.

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Batman #49 Review

Deadpool Movie Review


As of late Deadpool has hit something of a boom period with countless comics, a video game, and now a movie. The quality has been anything but consistent through these various ventures but hopes were high for the film to deliver in a big way, could it ever live up to the hype?

Oh yes it could.

From the opening credits it was clear that this was not going to be your typical superhero flick. Not to say that Marvel and DC’s usual offerings aren’t good, they largely are, but they all follow a very familiar format with little deviation. Deadpool dared to buck the trend and injected its unique brand of humour from the off with the aforementioned opening credits being the funniest in recent film history and setting the tone for the rest of this wickedly funny, fourth wall breaking, blood splattered triumph.

Despite being an origins story Deadpool managed to avoid the various pitfalls that most of these types of movies have stumbled into countless times. The tendency is to go from point A to point B in a very linear fashion that leaves vast swathes of the story feeling bland and overly time consuming whilst you wait for the hero to finally suit up and get down to business. That isn’t so in this picture as it begins with an already established character in a death defying freeway chase full of creative violence and laugh a minute dialogue and visuals. From there the tale of how Wade Wilson became the titular anti-hero is made clear whilst this co-story that has already been set up is dropped back into from time to time until the two narratives meet up in natural manner.

The actual origin portion of this film is handled pretty much perfectly. Wade is every bit the loud mouthed but oddly endearing figure that he needs to be. This is where Ryan Reynolds’ boyish charm comes in handy as he portrays the Merc with a little edge whilst retaining that cheeky smile that makes it so hard to hold anything against him, even the odd murder or two.

The dynamic between Wade and Vanessa (brilliantly brought to life by Morena Baccarin) makes for some of the best romance scenes to be found in this type of movie. The chemistry between the pair is unmistakable and the blossoming love they share is portrayed via a light hearted trip through all the holidays where they engage in various seasonally themed sexual exploits. It isn’t all sex though as the relationship is shown to move from lust to love with tender moments that bring out a side in Wade that hadn’t been glimpsed before in the film, the bravado was gone if only for a moment.

Of course there can be no great story without tragedy which meant Wade had to develop a horrendously aggressive cancer, sealing his imminent demise. The revelation of his condition was treated in a shockingly sincere manner an d provided a welcome though eye wetting break from the otherwise action packed film. From here is where the story kicked into high gear as a mysterious organisation approached Wade and offered him not just a cure but the ticket to become a superhero.

The rest of the story centres around the consequences of his decision to take them up on that offer and his quest to return some normalcy to his life… and face.

The action from there on out is intense when it needs to be intense and hilarious when it needs to be hilarious. It seems the film’s writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, had studied the world of ‘Pool in great detail before devoting themselves to this project as he is a perfect representation of the classic comic book loudmouth. The decision to only have Deadpool break the forth wall and not regular Wade Wilson turned out to be tremendously effective as it served to differentiate the two personalities and allow for some more appropriate nods and winks to the audience, which made up some of the funniest scenes in the entire movie.

One slight grievance is that the villain of the movie, Ajax (of Francis, if you’d prefer) is not as well rounded or memorable as those from other Marvel movies. Loki, Ultron, and The Winter Soldier are all better developed, their actions all have more reasoning and explanation behind them which leads to the audience taking to them in a way that hasn’t been achieved with this particular rogue. If it weren’t for the jokes about his name, he wouldn’t have gotten the internet notoriety that is developing around him nor would he be on anyone’s mind after more than a day of having watched the movie. Sure he is nasty and nefarious but that alone is not enough to make a memorable bad guy, and it’s not like Marvel are short on villains to place in their films.

The good guys are a lot better written though as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (yes, really) both bring something vastly different to the film and leave it a better place for having been there. These are another two characters who are not only hilarious but have an actual purpose and motivations, something that is often missing in side characters. That’s not to say that the movie wouldn’t have been as good without them, it probably would have, but it definitely didn’t hurt to have them in there.

Again though there is a problem with the writing of one of the characters you are supposed to be routing for and that is Vanessa. In the beginning she is shown to be a strong woman who doesn’t need rescuing and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself but by the end she is just another damsel in distress, incapable of fighting for herself. Yes, the script called for something to be hanging in the balance during the final act but it just made for such a weird shift that it was off putting. Add to this the fact that Angel Dust is simply a henchwoman for Ajax and as such offers nothing unique to the story and it does make you wonder what went wrong in the crafting of these female characters. They deserved to be treated with more consistency and given more to do.

Despite those few flaws this still manages to be one of the best superhero movies of the bunch. It will have a lot of competition this year from the likes of Suicide Squad and X-Men Apocalypse but you shouldn’t be surprised to see Deadpool reign supreme when all is said and done. With a sequel already in the works the mind can’t help but turn to what is next for this off the wall anti-hero. Here’s hoping it involves plenty of Chimichangas and maybe an appearance from Madcap.

Score: 8.9 out of 10.

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Deadpool Movie Review

Lucha Underground S2 Ep4 Review


Going into this episode of Lucha Underground the only match that was announced ahead of time was Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. That promised to be a sure fire classic but the question is, was the rest of the card up to scratch?

Before the typical recap that opens every LU show there was a short backstage segment featuring Sexy Star and The Mack. It seems that Star is now free from Marty’s clutches and has returned to the temple where she runs into The Mack. The implication here is likely to be that Mack will now join the feud with Marty and the debuting female who he has been speaking about for the past few weeks. That is not the upwards trajectory that most would have hoped for him after he defeated PJ Black.

Following the recap there is third video package which shows Ivelisse asking for a Trio’s Title match. She is denied and instead her team is put into a number one contenders match. The only interesting thing to come from this was Catrina announcing that there are no guaranteed rematches for former champions, something that could have a huge bearing on future rivalries and title matches.

Number One Contenders Trios Match- Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs. The Crew and Chavo Guerrero.

Just as they do every time the former Trio’s champs are on screen, the fans went crazy for this unlikely group. All three have the potential to break out at any moment and become top stars for this company but at the same time they are highly valuable staying as a trio too. With them being one of only two true Trios it is likely that they will be staying as they are for the time being.

The Crew and Chavo have had some sort of alliance in the past but they have not previously been an actual team. The Crew used to be a trio with former member Bael before he was kayfabe murdered. Yes, LU actually kills off some characters. With no one really caring about Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, or Chavo Guerrero it was clear from the outset how this match was going to go.

Despite the predictability of the outcome this was still a decent contest. A simultaneous three person dive from the favourites was a highlight. They worked much better together in terms of teamwork than they have done in the past and it makes for a much more complete and effective grouping.

The Rudo’s put in some good work as they cut off Ivelisse from her teammates and used underhand tactics to try to keep their advantage. All that really did was make fans clamour for her to fight back and make the tag to one of her partners, which she did to great fanfare.

Ultimately this match was relatively short and ended with Castro being pinned by Angelico. It wasn’t much of a memorable affair but that was slightly made up for by what came after. As Chavo berated his partners for losing, Texano Jr came out and attacked them to signal that his feud with Chavo from last season is far from over. With some luck that means there will be plenty of Texano matches coming up as he is an excellent worker.

Winners and New Number One Contenders: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico.

Up next there’s a Johnny Mundo video designed to build his feud with Cage and his heel character in general. The cockiness put forth by Mundo was highly effective at getting fans to hate him and you should be excited to see a resurgence for this talented grappler here in Lucha Undeground. This man could be, and perhaps should be, the champion.

Last week it was revealed that Catro was actually Officer Reyes and was sent to the Temple to investigate Dario Cueto. It was also revealed that Joey Ryan was also set to debut as an undercover cop. This week saw Ryan’s first venture into the Temple as he mocked Castro over his earlier loss before saying he was going to go out there and show him how it was done.

Joey Ryan vs Cage.

This seems like slightly odd booking as both men needed a win in this match. Joey needed one because this was his debut and losing would put him off to a very weak start, not something that is advised when building a new star. Cage needed one because he was set to challenge Johnny Mundo and, potentially, Mil Muertes so he would need to look absolutely unstoppable if he was to be taken seriously as a challenger. Someone was going to lose out big time.

The match itself started off quite slowly but evolved into a very enjoyable encounter that showcased both men’s vastly different talents.

Cage employed his usual power game and threw Ryan around like he was nothing. The most impressive feats of strength came in the forms of a Hiptoss Backbreaker, Sitout Pumphandle Facebuster, and a Powerbomb onto his knee. All of these moves looked suitably brutal but the one that should have made everyone wince is pain was the finisher that Cage employed this time around. He used the Steiner Screwdriver which is a move that sees the opponent lifted high into the air, turned upside down, and dropped directly on their head. It is banned in the WWE and a good argument could be made for it being banned everywhere, it is a dangerous maneuver.

Joey opted for the strategy of working over his muscle bound foe’s arms. It was nice to see this sort of tactic being employed as it makes sense, unlike a lot of the more flippy offence others utilise. In theory it should have made it impossible for Cage to hoist Joey up for the big impact moves that he loves to hit. It didn’t work out that way, possibly due to a lack of in ring psychology on the part of Cage, but it was still a smart touch that added dimensions to this match.

In the end though Cage took home the victory and Joey Ryan had a very unsuccessful debut. It will no doubt feed into his feud with Castro but that’s of little comfort at this moment.

Immediately after the contest Johnny Mundo made his way down to attack Cage in retaliation for the big man’s actions two weeks ago. He took the early advantage but once again Cage was booked to look like a brick wall as Mundo just sort of bounced off of him following an attempted springboard strike. It ended with Mundo receiving the Weapon X finisher from Cage. Logic would have dictated that Johnny get the upper hand over a battle worn opponent but it looks like he’s being sacrificed to further his rival’s push.

Winner: Cage.

Yet another video package followed on from this and it depicted Rey Mysterio training the new El Dragon Azteca. It was quite the expository fight as Mysterio told Azteca all about his history whilst they grappled. All anyone really wants is to see Mysterio get in the ring and compete in LU but it seems the wait is far from over on that front. It had better be a damn good match when he finally does show up.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Finally, the match that everyone had been waiting for was on and the fans were divided between the two combatants.

It is weird to say that Pentagon Jr has become one of the most popular Luchadores in the company as his whole character revolves around him breaking people’s arms. For whatever reason though that has gotten him over with the crowd in a big way and it can’t be denied that he is hugely entertaining.

Prince Puma is a far different type of wrestler as he plays a much more virtuous role. In recent weeks though that has been put to the test as he faces more and more hardship and the anger inside him grows. Therein lies the hook for this match, would Puma finally snap?

The offence was just as fast paced as you would expect from these two men and it made for some truly spectacular moments. Puma hit a picture perfect Running Moonsault from the ring to the outside that just highlighted his incredible athleticism. Pentagon was no slouch either as he hit a much more impactful looking Float-Over Backstabber that could realistically have finished the match there and then. The real treat though was the series of reversals that both men employed that served to showcase how well they know one another and how skilled they are at adapting on the fly. One such move saw Puma try for a Springboard 450 Splash only to land on the knees of Pentagon and get rolled up for a two count.

The excellent bout come to an end when Pentagon went for a submission win with a Surfboard Stretch only for Puma to slide backwards and pin him. It looked for a moment like both men’s shoulders would be down for the three but Puma arched his back at the last moment and secured his victory.

Pentagon took the defeat badly and promptly Superkicked the referee. Puma then ko’d him with a beautiful kick of his own that looked strong enough to take Pentagon’s head off. Then came an interesting moment. Puma signaled that he was going to break Pentagon’s arm with the same move he had used to break so many others. It caused the fans to come to edge of their seats as they questioned whether or not this through and through good guy could actually be pushed to taking out an opponent in such a way. Of course, Puma let him go but it was a tense end to a good night of wrestling action.

Winner: Prince Puma.

Overall this was a fairly good episode but it was far from the best. There were too many poorly booked moments that just didn’t click and as a result most of this show won’t be remembered by fans. The main event pushed the episode out of meh status though and once again proved that LU have struck gold with Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. They should serve as the top starts in this promotion for a long time to come.

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Lucha Underground S2 Ep4 Review