Deadpool #4 Review


With each passing issue, Deadpool has continued to disappoint fans around the world and sully the heroes good name. It was with great trepidation that many opened the pages of the fourth installment but those that did got a pleasant surprise. Deadpool got good.

All of the major issues that people had with this series previously seem to have been addressed and almost completely resolved. The biggest of these problems was the almost offensive lack of humour from everyone’s favourite Merc. Gerry Duggan caused alarm from the off when his jokes fell flat and drained what little life the comics had in the first three issues. Now though he appears to have found his rhythm when it comes to raising a laugh from his audience. Deadpool and the surrounding cast offer very different but equally effective comic relief to offset the mystery and violence that is abound in these titles. Madcap in particular runs a close second to Wade in the joke department with his offbeat comic stylings, which is fortuitous since he looks set to go head to head with Deadpool very soon.

A second key issue up until now was that the supporting characters, i.e. the other hired guns on ‘Pool’s payroll, were struggling to carve out their own niche in such an overcrowded book. Sure they had been developed reasonably well when it came to their individual personalities but the fact that they all wore identical costumes and often occupied the same frames meant that no one had that golden opportunity to stand out. Fear not though dear readers as Duggan has found a solution here too and has now given each protagonist a new outfit meaning that each of them is clad in a different colour to their crime fighting cohorts. This is a much needed touch and, if nothing else, helps the reader differentiate between them in action sequences, something that had been a problem in the past.

Don’t be fooled though, it’s not all roses and problems do still persist. The plot still doesn’t do enough to compel readership as it remains somewhat convoluted and takes new paths each time instead of efficiently building on what came before it. Of course it will all be resolved at some point in the near future and at that time everything may well make total sense but for now is seems a touch messier than one would hope. This new Madcap twist is already enjoyable though and the hope is that it will continue for a good number of issues so long as it doesn’t run out of steam in the meantime.

Add to this the fact that this isn’t the best Deadpool title currently available despite being the main one and there is a real problem. Recently Deadpool and Cable launched and it has everything that a fan of the anti-hero could possibly want. It’s funny, the action is hard-hitting, and most importantly of all the story is truly enjoyable. On top of this there is now a Deadpool/Spider-Man comic on the shelves and a team-up between those immensely popular characters is bound to be a fun read. What this means is there are stronger alternatives available to fans and that makes it difficult to convince anyone to keep this title on their haul list.

Issue four is a massive step up in quality from the first three but this comic still isn’t doing enough to grab the attention of its audience. That being said if it continues to build upon what was offered here, and perhaps takes a cue from the other Deadpool titles, then it could still become a must-read book.

Score: 3.8 out of 5.

Deadpool #4 Review

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