The Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #2 Review


The Dark Knight 3 launched last month to huge fanfare and, in the nicest possible way, it was atrocious. The second issue had a lot to do to make up for this failure. It ended up being decent but this series still isn’t worth the hype that surrounded it.

The main story is obviously the continuing adventures of a geriatric Batman as he defies age and reason once more to embark on a new vendetta. In this issue new light is shed on his current status after readers were told last time that he was dead, which should have fooled no one. Obviously he hasn’t passed on just yet but he has still not served any purpose in this story so far. Instead the bulk of the narrative is carried by Carrie, who was the new Robin in The Dark Knight Returns.

It is with Carrie that the writing team gain a small victory as she is presented, mostly, as a very strong character which fits with the trajectory she was on when audiences last saw her don the tights. There is a moment where Yindel essentially breaks her with concerning ease but that can be attributed to a larger plot hatched by Bats and Carrie as no real information is shared and it facilitates her escape.

Once more the central story moves on at a tediously slow pace and does little to spark any real interest in readers. Everything that happens is very predictable and it seems that no chances are being taken this time around despite the fact that even one move from out of left field would immensely improve this tale.

The supplementary story that will no doubt merge with the main one in due course tells of the de-shrinking of Kandor by The Atom. There are some nice revelations made within this storyline and they are currently the overwhelming reason to return for the next issue. It will be very intriguing to see which direction they take going forward and how the two stories will become one in the end.

Last month the art on this book was disappointing to say the least as Andy Kubert’s art failed to match up to the originals penned by Frank Miller. That hasn’t completely changed here, the art still isn’t at that lofty standard and it probably won’t be at any point in this saga. That being said it is slightly more enjoyable this time out and it might just end up being a case of allowing time for Kubert to settle into the demanding role and finding his groove. The potential is certainly here for the art on this comic to reach a very high standard even if it never does match up to the first two series’.

All things considered, this is a marked step up from last month’s offering. Still though it is not what most would expect from a continuation of this classic idea and has a fair amount of ground to cover before it could possibly be worthy of the Dark Knight moniker.

Score: 2.8 out of 5.

The Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #2 Review

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